Dan Reilly in Hole in the Head Re:view

Dei Ex Machina

Nut is dying. Nut, my mother the sky goddess who swallows the sun each day then gives birth to light in the morning, lies weak on a narrow pallet in her small room of many gilt-edged mirrors and an old china cabinet of curved glass. She is dark as the earth beneath us, [...]

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Dan Reilly in Hole in the Head Re:view

Mothers Die Young

You will imagine how
your mother died
what she was
thinking, your thoughts
will change
as you get older.

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History of Her Own Unattainable

She walks away
backwards and turning
clutching something
in her arms...

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Long silver strand spins forth to absence of color, a nothing . . . streams through emptiness from the abdomen of a spider smaller than the smallest cry of non-existence.

The single filament extends, bends through time, and after all years, crosses itself, intersecting in eternity, glowing faintl [...]

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Pif Magazine - publisher of Dan Reilly poems
Published in Pif Magazine

What’s In a Name, In Four 


  1. The arsonist is incarcerated many years. He speaks to no one, not at all. Few people speak to him. After awhile, guards cease even with commands. He knows where to go, what to do. He knows his number. Then, time comes for his release. His name is Wayne. Suddenly, his name means s [...]

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Splash - publisher of Dan Reilly poetry
2nd Quarter issue, 2021


Not snowing yet

the car heater barely works

driving crisscrossed roads

of our wide country

that are faint traces

in memory [...]

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Chestnut REview - published poem by Dan Reilly
Published in Chestnut Review
Winter issue: 2020 - 21
Third Prize in Poetry

Dream an Emptiness

The faint trace though undergrowth was once a road to somewhere, to their place. It was a small village then. The people left and never returned along that passage by the homestead at Covey Hill, past the old schoolhouse, its loose clapboard walls still standing, a sapling grown from the crumpled chimney [...]

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The Closed Eye Open - publisher of short fiction by Dan Reilly
Published in The Closed Eye Open
Issue II Nov/Dec 2020

Old Photos

The driver stops in an industrial area of jutting steel and slabs of light and dark. We ask why.  Can see the dim shape of the ferry with its many little lights, coming in, transporting people across the great unseen expanse. Gray black below, gray black above, the ship is suspended, its own twinkl [...]

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Bang! The New Guard - publisher of poems by Dan Reilly
Published in BANG! The New Guard
May 3, 2019 issue


We were magnificent. We were. We wait to be magnificent again. First thing, wait until the election is over. Not until the election is over can we be magnificent again. When it’s over, we must wait until our candidate takes office. If our candidate doesn’t win, we must wait until the [...]

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The New Guard - Bang! - publisher of Dan Reilly poems
Published in BANG! The New Guard
May 3, 2019 issue

Hands – In Four

1. Thaumaturgy

Gods of old extend their hands but so many are ill, and no one cares for those behind the wall. Dead souls circle overhead, in clouds, a dense cloud above the prison burying ground, ground divided at the start, Christian, Jew, other or unknown. Through the [...]

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