Short Fiction

Circus Tent image for Breakdown by Dan Reilly
Honourable Mention in the 2021 Dreamers Flash Fiction & Nonfiction Contest.


The automobile propels us insanely down a long hill. Tremendous wind through open windows deafens, leaving us without voice. Sunup to sundown across scorched dirt and asphalt makes us thankful for the desert’s night air. Below in darkness, we see lights. A small village, looks like. Our driver not [...]

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The Dance

It began slowly at first, a little wiggle here, some foot shaking and twisting there. Once started, no one ever stopped. Early on, it was mostly the adults dancing, but then children too, and finally, even newborns came forth quivering and quaking. The entire world got that flop and fling, that boun [...]

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Obelus - publisher of Dan Reilly fiction
Published in Obelus Journal

The Promise of Dreams Holy

  1. Unlost

Awake, staring into darkness, the lamplighter sees the child found alive, wrapped in her deceased mother’s shawl and covered by her body, dead by bullets at Wounded Knee. Alive, it’s Her Long Medicine and her daughter called Dreams Holy in a photograph. Beautiful [...]

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Flash Fiction - publisher of Dan Reilly short fiction
May 4, 2021 issue
Honorable Mention: 2020 Editor’s Choice Award

Muffled and Distant

Not going anywhere, no plans to go anywhere.

"Could take a drive. Get out of town."

"Yeah, and? How far out?"

"I don't know, an hour. Or two hours, get dinner. Four round trip."

"No restaurant."

"Order out, eat in the car."

Sure, get in motion, feel like we're going somewhere. Take [...]

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Ocotillo Review - publsiher of Dan Reilly short fiction
Volume 5.1 Winter 2021

Sights Seen

Just north of the Thuringian Forest, home to magic mirrors, talking frogs, Hansel, Gretel and their cannibalistic witch, along the Horsel River, is Eisenach, birthplace of Bach. Father and daughter tour Wartburg Castle. The old man wanted to see Europe, not with a gun. Fighting with the Rolling W, t [...]

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Beyond Words Literary Magazone - publisher of short fiction by Dan Reilly
Issue 6, September 2020

Googy Round the World

“Hey Googy, how's it goin?”

“Hey man, good, good.  You gotta a cigarette?”

“No Goog.  Whad'ya been doin?”

“Not much.  Thinking about goin to electronics school.”

“Right, I remember that.”

Nothing changes with Googy, always bumming a smoke, skinny in his baggy co [...]

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Pif magazine - publisher of short fiction by Dan Reilly
Published in Pif Magazine
Issue #268


Openings lead to openings in darkness, miles below. They shovel ore into steel bins pulled to the surface and dumped, hour after hour, day after day. Clink clink go their mattocks and picks. No one knows the time. Years ago, many years ago it must be, the last light extinguished, yet they work on.  [...]

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